4 main news manicure 2018

The new season has begun and it's time to make a brief overview of the most fashionable and fresh gel nail polish designs. In this article you will find 4 new manicure 2018 and a detailed description of how they are performed.

New manicure 2018 number 1 - "Black Pearl"

This design can still be found under the name of the pearl shell. This is a remake of the classic "shell" on the nails, only using different rubbing. This new manicure can be performed in both light and dark colors.

  • The first way to perform design

The nails are covered with a base, black or dark gel polish without stickiness. Next, on the entire surface of the nail is applied rubbed (pearl, chameleon, cockchafer or Yuki flakes). Next, apply the top, removed stickiness. Embossed drawing is done with a thick top or transparent gel-paste. Volumetric “grooves” are drawn, like in a shell (each is fixed in a lamp). Additionally, the design can be decorated with pearls, bouillons or rhinestones.

Novelty Manicure - Pearl Shell

  • The second way to create a pearl manicure

On a black gel-lacquer without stickiness, rub or rub the yuki. Next, a thick black gel paint without l / s is drawn design shell, dried in the lamp. For volume, you can walk 2 times with mandatory interlayer drying. On the resulting drawing again rubbed. In conclusion, the entire nail is covered with a top and decorated with pearls and rhinestones.

New manicure 2018 number 2 - "Unicorn Horn"

This new interesting nail design according to the pattern of execution is very similar to the previous one, but there are some differences. The picture can be made on a monochromatic coating, but it will look more advantageous on a gradient manicure.

Novelty manicure 2018 - design unicorn

Novelty manicure 2018 - design unicorn

Novelty manicure 2018 - design unicorn

  • Execution scheme

On the finished gradient coating with a top pattern is applied in the form of waves using a transparent gel, gel paste, or a very thick base. It is better to apply the lines in two layers with intermediate drying. In conclusion, the pearl pigment is rubbed onto the relief pattern with light movements. At the end of the design is covered with a thin layer of top.

Novelty of manicure of 2018 No. 3 - Metal drawings on nails or the chromeplated bas-relief design

Very effective and fashionable manicure 2018, which will look great with the quality of the evening option.It is best combined with dark gel polishes. It is done in two ways.

  • First way

The simplest way to perform a metal bas-relief involves the use of a gel-lacquer with a metallic effect. You will also need a 3D gel paste. Design is carried out on the base cover or camouflage base. Gel-paste display monograms. The pattern can be duplicated in 2 layers to add volume. Next, the picture is covered with a metallic gel-varnish (remember that it dries in the air). The metal coating should dry well, after which the finish coat is applied over it.

New - Metallic Manicure

New - Metallic Manicure

  • Second way

If you do not have a gel-lacquer metallic, then you can use a mirror-like paste. Design is also performed on the base coat without an adhesive layer. White gel-paste without l / s is applied with a volumetric pattern in the form of monograms, roses, fish cups or any other ornament. It is better to make it in two layers so that it is more voluminous. Then the entire nail is covered rubbed and top. You can also make a color design and use stained translucent lacquer in front of the top.

Step by step instructions for manicure

New - Mirror Manicure

New - Metallic Manicure

Mirror drawings on the nails

This new manicure should please masters who, for one reason or another, cannot work with casting foil. This is a new way to make gold or silver patterns on the nails. Express design can be done using stencils. More complex patterns are performed with a brush and covered with a pigment. This manicure technique is somewhat similar to the previous one, only the nail is rubbed in part, not completely.

  • Design using stencils

The quickest and easiest way to apply a pattern with a metallic effect is to use a stencil. We cover the nails in the usual way: the base and two layers of dark gel polish. Next, attach the stencil, rub the pigment in place of the pattern and remove the stencil. If desired, we outline the contours of the gel-paint pattern, dry them in a lamp and cover the entire design with a top.

Novelty of manicure - mirror drawings on nails

Step by step lesson on the design

Step by step manicure with a mirror pattern

Step by step manicure with a mirror pattern

Step by step manicure with a mirror pattern

Video instruction

  • Manicure with gel-paint

First, the base is applied to the nails and a black or dark gel polish. Next, the nail overlaps the finish without stickiness. The bof polishes the surface of the nail and degreases. The drawing is carried out with black gel-paint and is well dried. Next, the pattern is applied rubbing, the remnants of which are shaken with a cotton pad. Since the surface of the nail was previously polished and degreased, then the rubbing will stick only to the drawing.At the end of the manicure on the side with the pattern, the top is applied without stickiness, and the rest is covered with a matt top.

Novelty of manicure - mirror drawings on nails

Step by step lesson on the implementation of a manicure with a metallic pattern

New manicure 2018 number 4 - Trendy gradient design airbrush

Geometric design does not want to go out of fashion. Masters come up with more and more techniques for creating a geometric manicure. This design is done using an airbrush. However, many masters have adapted to do it in the home, using glue strips and a brush for the gradient.

Novelty manicure - geometric design

How to make a trendy gradient geometric design?

You will need airbrush strips or sticky tape and the actual airbrush itself. A base coat and colored gel polish are applied on the nails. Next, the surface needs to zafafit and stick strips. Then the work will require an airbrush. First the nail is blown on one side, then the strips are re-glued and the gradient is applied to the opposite side. The finished design is covered with a top. Despite the apparent complexity, airbrushing this manicure is performed quickly and easily.

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