What can I wear turquoise pants photos of 2017 fashion images

C than wearing wide turquoise pants photo 2017 options

Bright and at the same time calm combination with beige color of wide turquoise trousers. A great field for creating universal bows and experiments. Practical for a combination of shoes and bags of beige color. Beige and light brown give your onion harmony and calm. In the cool time of the year, an elongated knitted cardigan in beige or gray will look good. It is not necessary to exclude jackets and jackets of the same colors. If you want a juicy accent in your bow - add a coral-colored scarf.

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Especially stylish looks in this season of a combination of turquoise wide trousers with blue. The basis for creating a stunning bow for a party or a bright event. Both colors are contrast, this option is for bold girls. Shoes are better to choose a classic style - sandals or high-heeled shoes.

birjuzovye_brjuki_ (8)It is not necessary to pick up shoes of the same shade as pants or the like. Pants and shoes will only merge into a single silhouette.If we talk about accessories, parts of gold color are suitable for almost any ensemble. It can be a belt, bracelet, watch, handbag and even a manicure.

How to wear tight turquoise pants photos of 2017 new

Classics of all time - a combination with white. An office bow is required, a set of dark-colored trousers + white blouse, fitted or stylish, free-form fashion will look great. Light and fresh image can be created for a day walk or a date, the bottom of light turquoise hues, the top - top or tunic, falling from the shoulders. Shoes - shoes with stiletto heels, white looks great.

birjuzovye_brjuki_ (2)The ensemble is turquoise with black. Well suited for the office, while refreshing all the familiar black. A set of dark trousers with arrows with a black shirt will add mystery to your bow. Boat shoes and watches complete the look. We will not bypass the combination with bright warm colors - yellow, orange, red and pink.

birjuzovye_brjuki_ (11)With a variety of T-shirts, tops, blouses. Such combinations will surely attract the attention of others. In addition to clothes of such colors, there may be your accessories, all kinds of bracelets, earrings, necklaces or beads.Shoes also have the right to be all kinds of bright colors: sandals, shoes, sandals and ballet flats.

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What shoes to wear turquoise pants photo 2017 examples

Considering the fashion of this season, we can say: women's turquoise pants should be worn with high-heeled shoes whenever possible. White shoes with turquoise details that match the color of the trousers will look very good. However, stylists do not recommend picking up shoes and pants color in color.

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Light shades of turquoise blend beautifully with blue and rich green. Try putting on your favorite blue blouse and turquoise trousers. This look will complement the original accessories. Pick up jewelry in silver, gold or whitish. The bag of not very catchy color and stylish white shoes will harmoniously look.

birjuzovye_brjuki_ (7)It is fashionable to wear turquoise pants with light T-shirts with an unusual pattern on the chest. Pick up to such along high-heeled shoes. It is better if the shoes will be in the color of T-shirts or jackets, you should not wear turquoise shoes or sandals. A highlight to this image will add an elegant bracelet or necklace.


Fashionable images with turquoise pants photos 2017 examples

For owners of slender silhouettes, close to the model forms fit almost any style. Starting from all your favorite narrowed models, skinny and pipes to a more free cut. Narrow pants, fitting a figure, fit in any situation. If you want something special, you can choose, for example, flared or straight cropped trousers, so-called 7/8.

birjuzovye_brjuki_ (18)High-waisted trousers, skinny styles and bell bottoms look very impressive. They give the image originality and uniqueness. For girls whose parameters are not ideal, you can pick up straight pants, short, loose cut, such as banana pants. Product invoices are typical, as well as for all other trousers. Light fabrics for the thermal season - silk, satin, linen. Dense for cool weather - cotton, viscose, denim, polyester.

birjuzovye_brjuki_ (16)Turquoise is a very delicate and sophisticated shade, it has a lot of white, and it is combined, respectively, with white. Fits more blondes. Of course, white is not the only option for a combination. A good combination with pastel shades of light yellow, pale pink and beige. The color can be a little blue than the previous one, it is brighter and more contrast.It is well combined with yellow, red and other warm shades. Suitable for girls with light, with dark hair and red.

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C how to ride a turquoise pants photo 2017 bows

If you want to create a bright summer image, then with turquoise trousers, the coral color will suddenly look good. This range is perfectly dilute the white color. A combination of bright coral blouse and turquoise trousers will perfectly complement the restrained light beige fashionable cardigan. Yellow, purple, lilac - these colors should be combined with turquoise very carefully, since the risk is too high to get an awkward image. Also, many stylists do not approve of the combination of turquoise and black in clothes, except when all the details of the wardrobe except the trousers are black. Then the turquoise pants become a bright accent.

Biruzovie_ (7)With turquoise pants you can put on the top of juicy green or blue flowers, but this image must be supplemented with accessories! The details can be either green-blue or neutral white. The latter favorably shade such a bright color scheme. Also with turquoise pants look great accessories in metallic, gold, copper and silver colors.

Photos of fashionable turquoise pants 2017 new styles

For the turquoise color, the styles of the trousers “alladins”, cargo, afghani, pipes, skinny and bloomers are considered suitable. For an office style, choose models that are narrowed to the bottom, and for everyday wardrobe, choose carrot or slim. The evening exit can be accompanied by a “flared” palazzo in a small snow-white print. Street casual seems never to turn away from turquoise knit baggoys. Adventurous nature will suit informal styles of pajama pants with a funny pattern: pepita, polkadots, paisley or ethno.

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Variants of cute pants can be very different: from bootkats to palazzo, from riding breeches to baggy beggov. On high-waisted models, a blue vertical stripe, small polka dots or polkadots looks perfect. Wide pajama pants are also delighted with the cell, argyle diamond, and Missoni zigzag. Low-fit trousers use stretch or denim with a scuff effect, duds, lace inserts, and shortened or models with twists prefer one tonality.

Biruzovie_ (1)The most important thing is to pick up that shade of turquoise that suits you. It is not recommended to wear turquoise in winter - it is pale against its background.skin will get an unhealthy shade. But September is a wonderful month for this color, because you must have tanned. In addition, the bright color will remind you of warm money and summer coolness.

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