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False fireplace in your house with your own hands

False fireplace

The desire for comfort and comfort inherent in each of us. The warmth of the home is a non-empty word. What could be better than to spend the evening by the fireplace, watching the flames? Owners of private houses can afford a real fireplace, and for residents of city apartments it is, unfortunately, an inadmissible luxury. But for real masters there is no impossible, and today we will tell how to make a false fireplace in the apartment.

What is a false fireplace and why is it needed?

In a city apartment, an ordinary fireplace will not allow you to allow the conditions.No chimneys, ceilings, not designed for such loads - the main obstacles in order to get permission to build such a structure.They come to the aid of false-fireplaces, which you can easily assemble yourself without having any special skills in construction work.

Of course, you can buy electric fire - such devices are now common, and their installation does not take much time and effort. But creating a fireplace with your own hands is a very fascinating activity, it gives vent to fantasy, allows you to make an exclusive thing. In addition, open fire in the conditions of the apartment is not necessary (and it is unlikely that they will allow you to), and a false fireplace will serve you as a multifunctional decoration.

Note! Although you will not kindle a fire in the fire, all the same, do not put flammable things underneath. Especially if the building covers the radiators or you plan to put electrical appliances in the furnace.

False fireplace in the room

Raised fireplace looks like a real

Artificial fireplaces have such advantages:

  • cheap - you will only need money for materials;
  • availability of materials necessary for the construction;
  • the possibility of changing the decor at any time by mood;
  • use in the decoration of inexpensive, but original and beautiful materials.

False fireplaces are divided into 3 groups:

  1. Authentic artificial fireplaces completely imitate the real, respecting both the size and design principles.Inside the firebox, you can install a biofireplace burner that will provide almost the exact effect of a burning hearth. A rather expensive option, but it looks the most believable.
  2. Conventional false fireplaces have a portal jutting out of the wall. They can be decorated according to your taste and desire. The furnace hole is usually filled with wood or put candles there.
  3. Symbolic can be executed from any materials. Their peculiarity is that they are not at all like an ordinary fireplace. It may even be a picture on the wall with some decorative elements.

Manufacturing options

For the manufacture of artificial fireplaces using the most simple materials that can always be found not only in the store, but also at home:

  • drywall;
  • plywood;
  • Styrofoam;
  • cardboard;
  • chipboard;
  • tree;
  • brick;
  • polyurethane.

You can make such a structure even from old furniture, which has already served its own, but it is also a pity to throw it away.

Polyurethane fireplace

This is the easiest and fastest way. You only need to buy a polyurethane portal for the fireplace. The most difficult in this task will be the choice of style and size suitable for a room, and everything else will take you a minimum of time and effort.

If you want to insert an electric fire, consider its installation and overall dimensions, the method of connection to the electrical network and the quality of ventilation.

Polyurethane fireplace

The lightweight polyurethane false fireplace casing saves you from many troubles to install

You will need:

  • polyurethane fireplace portal;
  • contact adhesive;
  • putty;
  • materials for finishing the firebox (for example, decorative brick).

And now we will tell you step by step how to install such a fireplace.

  1. The best place to install such a fireplace is one of the side walls of the room. The construction should not obstruct the room and interfere with the passage.
  2. If you decide to place an electrofireplace or decorative electric lighting inside the portal, take care of the wiring and the outlet beforehand.
  3. The frame of the furnace is made of profile or wooden bars, and the walls - of plywood or drywall.
  4. Install the portal, carefully fix it on the contact adhesive. Gaps between the portal and the firebox should be carefully puttied with a finishing putty.
  5. Trim the firebox in the style that you chose, or install an electric fireplace. If desired, you can install a fireplace shelf made of artificial stone or wood.

Such portals are made not only from polyurethane, but also from wood. They are much more expensive, but among them you can find real masterpieces, additionally equipped, for example, with a built-in bar.

Plywood construction

This idea is useful if you need to hide some flaw in the room, for example, an old heating radiator, the replacement of which will be expensive. A raised fireplace here will come in handy.


The need to cover the old heating radiator is a great opportunity to install a false fireplace

Perform calculations and make a drawing of the future structure. This will help you not to spend extra money and time.

Fireplace layout

Standard fireplace drawing

Note! When you develop a drawing, refer to the ready options for fireplaces made of stone. Relying on them, you can easily design your false fireplace.

First of all, directly in place, install the frame. For him fit wooden bars.

Fireplace frame

Frame from beams for false fireplace

Next, sheathe the frame with plywood. The design of the fireplace and its appearance can be adjusted during operation. For example, you can add a podium to the portal.Inside the structure there is a heating battery, so the frame is better to be assembled on the screws: nails in high temperature conditions do not guarantee a tight fit of the plywood to the bars in the future.

Frame in plasterboard

Plasterboard frame

Mount the firebox on the back wall that imitates the fireplace. All surfaces that are viewed from the outside, glue the adhesive film.

Fireplace installation

Install the firebox and paste it with a film.

Close the corners of the portal with a wooden layout, also glue it with a film of the same color.

Fireplace imitation

The corners of the portal need to close and also pasted film

This design is easily removable (it is not attached to the wall at this stage), and you can easily get access to the radiator. Fireplace fireplace need something to decorate, so on the battery, you can put a tray of metal mesh.

Grid on the radiator

Metal mesh tray that will become the bottom of the firebox

You fill it with pebbles, firewood or other decorative elements.

Pebbles in the pan

Pour pebbles or other filler into the metal mesh.

Fireplace grill, you can order or make yourself. For this you need a copper profile. If it is not there, an aluminum wire, inserted into a tube of vinyl chloride and painted with gold paint, will do. Such a grate is fastened to the body of the fireplace with copper wire in 4 places.

Scheme of the lattice

Metal Grid Pattern

Pipes that fit the battery can be closed by the continuation of the podium.

Raised fireplace

Heating pipes close the podium

So that the useful space is not wasted, make a bar under the mantel.

False fireplace in the apartment

Using extra space

As a result, you will get such a fireplace, almost indistinguishable from the present.

Imitation fireplace in the apartment

Finished fireplace

New life of old furniture

This is the most budget option.You probably have an old cupboard or sideboard. Do not rush to throw away this piece of furniture: based on it, you can easily make an excellent imitation of a fireplace with lighting.

you will need:

  • plywood sheets;
  • sanding machine for wood;
  • jigsaw;
  • screwdriver;
  • acrylic paint;
  • putty;
  • LED Strip Light;
  • stucco, decorative elements, plaster finishing stone;
  • surface.
  1. Remove from the old sideboard door, remove the bottom cabinet. The top section will remain, put it on its side.
    Old sideboard

    Preparing the old sideboard for work

  2. Screw two bars in front.
    Fireplace from sideboard

    Screw 2 beams

  3. From the top and bottom, fasten two sheets of plywood on the bars. Thus, the fireplace will be given the required thickness.
    old furniture fireplace

    Fix the plywood sheets

  4. Saw a hole in the side cabinet (which is now at the bottom) for the “blower”. Here you can store firewood, as in a real fireplace.
    fireplace of furniture

    Drill a hole for the "blowhole"

  5. Your raised fireplace will require a pedestal and a mantelpiece. In their quality can make two backs from the old bed. Do not forget to unscrew their legs.
    Installation of false fireplace

    A pedestal and a mantelpiece will serve as the headboard

  6. The design is ready, now you need to start finishing work. Treat the polished surfaces with a grinder so that they become rough. Stretch the walls; After they dry up - tap and level the surface. Dry the putty, sand the irregularities. Paint the case with acrylic paint, trim the corners with a brick or artificial stone. Glue decorative items, install a chimney shelf.
    Fireplace finish

    Decorating the falsetting fireplace from old furniture

  7. Issue the furnace. Along the perimeter glue the LED strip. Suitable red or yellow - they perfectly simulate smoldering fire. Place shells, pebbles or sand on the bottom.
    False fireplace decoration

    Decorate the firebox: glue the LED strip, put pebbles, shells or sand on the bottom

As a result, you will get such a magnificent fireplace in vintage style.

False fireplace from old furniture

Ready-made fireplace from the old sideboard

Imitation drywall fireplace

This time we will consider a version of the corner false fireplace from drywall. This task will be more difficult than the previous ones. Why a corner fireplace? Because in the conditions of a small apartment the corner is the most free space, which is ideal for the installation of such a structure.

Corner fireplace

Corner drywall fireplace

So, you will need the following materials:

  • metal profile - 13 pcs;
  • gypsum plasterboard moisture-proof 9,5 mm - 3 sheets;
  • tile - 5 m;
  • self-tapping screws - 200 pcs;
  • tile grout;
  • LED Strip Light;
  • decorative grille.
  1. Calculate the dimensions. At the same time note: if you need to close the battery, you need to do it so that it can be easily reached. For possible emergencies it is better to let the battery through the bottom opening.
    Corner fireplace

    Approximate corner fireplace layout

  2. After the calculations are made, and the scheme of the fireplace is made, start to mount the frame. For him, a ceiling profile will do, and it's cheaper.
    Corner raised fireplace frame

    Corner raised fireplace frame

  3. Immediately do the wiring for lighting.As you can see on the first photo, in our case there are three output points: two on the front and one above the shelf. The LED strip is used as a backlight.
  4. The furnace hole can be made with double walls. Non-combustible insulation will be laid between them.
    Frame of a fireplace

    Insulation inside the furnace hole

  5. The frame is ready. Proceed to the plating with plasterboard.
    Corner fireplace

    Plasterboard frame

  6. In the photo you can see the holes. They are necessary in order to circulate the warm air from the battery.
    Drywall fireplace from plasterboard

    Holes for the circulation of warm air

  7. Now proceed to the tile trim. It should be placed on a heat-resistant tile adhesive. For all working surfaces, use a facade ceramic tile.
    Fireplace finish

    Decorative trim tiles

  8. For decorative trim, you can use tile under the stone. It is made of plaster, therefore it is not suitable for work surfaces.

This fireplace takes about 1.6 square meters. A small electric fire or a small alcohol burner can be placed inside the firebox.


It is very important that the fireplace harmoniously fit into the interior of the room. It should carefully select the style, color.But besides decorative decoration should please the eye and create comfort.

How to achieve imitation of fire in the fireplace? Above, we offered options with LED strip, which provides backlighting with a burning effect. But progress does not stand still, and the electronic photo frame can serve you well. It is a liquid crystal display, which is adapted to display images. You need a model that can play animated files, for example, in GIF format. Upload a picture of burning fire to the photo frame and enjoy!


Electronic photo frame with the image of burning fire will help you revive the false fireplace

  • Many owners of false-fireplaces love to make out niches with spaced candles of different heights. It looks beautiful, stylish, and gives a real live fire.
  • An excellent choice would be to install a mirror in the depth of the furnace niche on the wall. The mirror will multiply the light from the candles or the electric light and give the fireplace a mystery.
  • Artificial stone will help you to provide the effect of expensive finishing. It is presented in a variety of color options and textures.Tiles, bas-reliefs and decorative tiles will give an expressive individuality to the building. But do not overdo it: excessive pomposity may be out of place in your interior.
  • Doors for false-fireplaces, perhaps, will be superfluous, but if you decide to install them, make them from plexiglass. They can be transparent or tinted, but the light and reflections of the “fire” are simply obliged to pass.
  • It is better to decorate the fire chamber of the fireplace with a forged metal grill. It can be bought or ordered in the workshop.

Photo gallery of artificial fireplaces

Corner fireplace Corner fireplace Candles in a false fireplace Candles in a false fireplace The original and concise version of a simple niche with candles The original and concise version - a simple niche with candles Classic massive false fireplace Classic massive false fireplace Modern fireplace imitation Modern fireplace imitation Decorative fireplace with candles Decorative fireplace with candles

Video: how to make a false fireplace from drywall do it yourself

As you can see, it is not at all difficult to build a fireplace in your own home, and it’s also cheap, especially if it’s just an imitation. Accuracy, attention, desire to do something original and creative fantasy - that's all you need to enjoy comfort, like heroes of classic films. Share with us your experience in implementing such ideas, or ask any questions you may have on this topic.

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