Fashion spring-summer 2017: a review of new products

Fashion spring-summer 2017, photoFrom season to season, fashion is becoming more spectacular and spectacular. The spring - summer 2017 - 2018 season will not bring us any fundamental changes. All the same dresses and cloaks will be popular, but in a slightly different interpretation. There will be more bold mixes, more complex multi-layered images. Popular destinations will be sports chic, military and uniforms, ethnic motifs and even hippie style. All this will be mixed in unimaginable combinations and served under the sauce name, which is extravagance.

The main directions and features of the fashion season spring-summer 2017 - 2018

  • Sport chic

Many designers, creating their collections, combined in them sport and high fashion. In the upcoming season, many fashionable and comfortable items will appear in our wardrobe. Dresses spring-summer 2017 will be appropriate to wear with your favorite sneakers or slippers, a warm sweater can be combined with a metallic skirt, and lightweight trousers with stripes will also be in fashion. Look at the photos from the new collections of Anna Sui, Boss, DKNY, Gucci, Lasha Jokhadze Tbilisi, Max Mara, Paul Smith and Moschino in the fashionable sportswear of 2017.

Spring-Summer 2017Spring-Summer 2017Spring-Summer 2017Spring-Summer 2017Fashion Spring-Summer 2017Fashion Spring-Summer 2017Spring-Summer 2017

  • Oversized dresses

The concept of oversight has long been part of the vocabulary of modern girls who follow fashion. However, until this season, outerwear was mostly dimensionless. In the spring of 2017, long dresses will appear in vogue, concealing, perhaps, all the features of the figure. Many girls may not like this trend of street fashion, but sometimes it’s worth bringing something new to your wardrobe. Oversize dresses are suitable for evening and Sunday walks in the park or trips to the supermarket. They are beyond doubt comfortable. They are better to wear with sneakers or siphons, you can tie a light scarf over it. Some models will look good with short leather jackets.

Fashion Spring-Summer 2017

Dresses from the Tibi collection andVika Gazinskaya

Fashion Spring-Summer 2017Spring-Summer 2017Spring-Summer 2017

Street fashion street-style spring-summer 2017

  • Dress shirt

This trend of street fashion has moved from last season. These dresses are as comfortable as the overseas models, but unlike them they emphasize your figure. They are often worn with keds, ballet shoes or slip-ups. The set is supplemented with a small bag over the shoulder or a backpack for the city.

Fashion Spring-Summer 2017

Dresses from the Lacoste and Boss collection

  • Dress combination

Also, the trend migrated from last season spring - summer.Dresses on thin straps from light fabrics are very comfortable to wear in hot weather. This season, they are usually combined with sports shoes or with elegant stiletto sandals. Fashionable combination dresses can be seen in the collections of Paco Rabanne, Audra, Lasha Jokhadze Tbilisi.

Spring-Summer 2017Fashion Spring-Summer 2017

  • Dresses with bare shoulders

You can create a very feminine summer look by wearing an elegant dress with bare shoulders. It is better to remove the hair up to the hairdo or comb back, like the models at the Altuzarra show. Also remain with the trend dresses with one open shoulder. Examples of everyday choices can be found at Banana Republic and Barbara Bui.

Spring-Summer 2017Spring-Summer 2017

  • Patch pockets

Overhead pockets are a stylish detail of many fashionable images spring - summer 2017. They can be seen on coats, jackets, trousers and even skirts. A similar detail of clothes is typical for military, safari, sports and other fashionable now on the directions. In models of Fendi jackets, the pockets are made deliberately large to give a special geometry to the image. In addition, clothing with a lot of pockets is very practical and convenient in everyday life.

Fashion Spring-Summer 2017Spring-Summer 2017

  • Pleating

The pleated skirt itself is not new. In this season, it's important what you wear it with.And to combine a pleated skirt with a voluminous, dimensionless jumper, sweatshirt or sweatshirt. Such a stylish street image will suit shoes or ankle boots with a steady heel or fashionable monochrome leather sneakers. Do not forget to take a clutch envelope in your hand or hang a small backpack on your shoulder.

Spring-Summer 2017Spring-Summer 2017Spring-Summer 2017

Fashionable combination of an elongated skirt and a sweatshirt overweight

  • Reptile skin

Last year was the year of the wildcat. Leopard print is present in many collections of clothing. The fashion spring-summer 2017 also will not do without animal prints, but they will be somewhat different. Reptile skin products will be very popular.

Clothing made of the finest snake skin looks spectacular, respectable and adds some aggressiveness to the image. And not to go broke, but to be fashionable, you can come up with a stylish monochrome image and complement it with a clutch or snake skin shoes.

Spring-Summer 2017Spring-Summer 2017

  • Perforated leather

We all know that fashion is cyclical. The forgotten perforated leather this spring will regain its former popularity. Interesting models of clothing and accessories from perforated leather are widely represented in the Salvatore Ferragamo collection.

Spring-Summer 2017Spring-Summer 2017

  • Strip

Have you still not got yourself a striped pants or dress? Then it's worth updating your wardrobe, because the strip will not go out of fashion for at least a couple more seasons.

Spring-Summer 2017Spring-Summer 2017

  • The abundance of metal fittings

The now popular military style implies dark shades, an abundance of lightning, rivets, straps and other details that emphasize attention. Rivets will be studded with women's handbags for spring-summer 2017 and shoes, wide leather belts with thin straps and small sparkling buckles will be relevant. Rivets and zippers will also be relevant for the clothes of fashionable now trend sports chic.

Spring-Summer 2017Spring-Summer 2017

  • Volume sleeve puff

Not all fit this trendy trend. But if you are a fan of unusual silhouettes and shapes, then try to try on dresses with puff sleeves of unusual cut. The sleeve can be semi-circular or in the form of a flashlight, which will give volume to your shoulders. However, it is worth remembering the correct proportions. That the figure looked harmoniously, with a volumetric top choose the narrowed skirt or trousers.

Spring-Summer 2017Spring-Summer 2017Spring-Summer 2017

Fashion for shoes, hats and accessories for spring-summer 2017

  • Comfortable shoes

Fashion spring-summer 2017 means comfort, which means sneakers, flip-flops, shoes with low speed and steady heels will replace the stiletto heels.

Fashion Spring-Summer 2017Fashion Spring-Summer 2017Spring-Summer 2017

  • Fashion models of bags

Fashion season spring-summer 2017 will delight us with a variety of accessories. For every occasion there is a fashionable bag. For an evening out, a small clutch bag made from reptile leather or a miniature handbag for mobile is suitable. For everyday use you will need a roomy bag-bag and business bag on the rings. If you prefer a sporty style, then you will like a backpack for the city and a fashionable belt bag.

Spring-Summer 2017Spring-Summer 2017Spring-Summer 2017

  • Volumetric decorations

An image without accessories can be called unfinished. This summer, accessories not only complement the image, but in some cases are the center of attention, such as massive necklaces made of stone in the Givenchy collection. If you like more elegant accessories, then pay attention to such detail as chokers. This accessory will be appropriate even with a business suit. Romantic mood can be emphasized wearing a bracelet or brooch with a large flower. The material from which the decoration is made can be either silk or leather.

Spring-Summer 2017Spring-Summer 2017Spring-Summer 2017Fashion Spring-Summer 2017Fashion Spring-Summer 2017

  • Caps

This season, fashion couturiers offer us to pay attention to the cap. Even the conservative fashion house Chanel made a bet on this seemingly purely sports headdress.An unusual combination of light dress and cap makes the image more relaxed and bold.

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