Find out what the child’s night cry is causing

It is useful for babies to cry a little at night so that the night's sleep is stronger. Such a conclusion was made by Australian scientists, and believe that the mother should not run after the first cry of the child at night. It is better to pause and wait a bit, to apply the concept used in the latest literature on pediatrics "controlled crying."

In the course of the study, scientists studied the effectiveness of such a method of “controlled crying” on 326 children, 7 months old.

The experiment lasted for more than 5 years and consisted in the fact that the parents of half of the children had to use the method of “controlled crying” and did not immediately take the child into their arms when he whimpers at night.

For the first time during the night crying baby, parents had to wait for a pause of 2 minutes, after which they could begin to calm the child. On the second night, the waiting period was already 5 minutes, the third - 10 minutes. So, increasing the waiting time, parents had to ensure that the baby, waking up at night and a bit of a whimper, fell asleep without lulling himself.In addition, the parents of the little students of the wards should have learned how to let their bodies rest for a while, falling asleep in the child’s room.

When the children reached the age of 6 years, the Australians conducted a series of tests to study the sleep patterns of babies, their relationship with parents and the presence of behavioral problems. 16% of children who were brought up in the old fashioned manner and were rocked by the first crying at night had behavior problems. Among the guys who were brought up according to the “controlled crying” method, only 12% turned out to be problematic. In addition, for moms using this new method, the risk of postpartum depression was reduced by as much as 40%.

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