"MasterShef Children" season 2: 35 and 36 series from May 30 and 31 to watch online video

The super final was unexpectedly simple for the winning participants. Is there any kind of trick behind this simplicity? And who will win the super final? See in issues 35 and 36 of the show "MasterSteff Children" season 2, from May 30 and May 31, 2017.

And also watch the best offscreen shots of the show "MasterStef Children" season 2, online at UaUa.info for free in good quality.

Watch online MasterChef Kids Season 2 graduation 35 part 1 final. Super Final

In the show “MasterShef Children 2”, the dreamy rock music lover Masha Sirota, confident karate Marina Litvinenko and charming rural activist Vika Podlepenskaya went into the superfinal.

They fought for five months for survival in the battles of black aprons. They are ready for the sake of winning everything.

But for the Super show "MasterStef Children 2" judges Hector Jimenez-Bravo, Tatyana Litvinova and Dmitry Gorovenko did not come up with any additional difficulties.The girls just had to cook three of their specialties: appetizer, main and dessert.

Why did all the girls decide to give the judges a "citrus" dinner? And who won the title of the Second Children's Master Shefa of Ukraine? Watch online finale Master Chief Children 2 season issue 35

Watch MasterShef Kids Online Season 2 issue 35 part 2 final. Super Final

Watch online MasterScook Kids Season 2 issue 35 part 3 final. Super Final

Watch online MasterStef Children 2 season issue 35 part 4, final. Super Final

Watch online MasterStef Children 2 season issue 36 part 1. Behind the scenes

The project "MasterShef Children 2" ended with the victory of Marina Litvinenko. The audience saw how young chefs fought in culinary contests, but behind the scenes of the project, too, a lot of interesting things happened.

How did young cooks group into groups? How did the relationship between the participants change after the first broadcasts of the program? And also - how did the chief casanova of the project, David Mitko, teach Judge Dmitry Gorovenko to master the pickup?

Conflicts, novels, rituals, entertainment and hobbies of little cooks - learn more about your favorite participants in our video!

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