Starfield 2019 game

The TES universe is exactly what will remain forever in gaming tables, and the first commandment in their chapter dedicated to this epic and endless series will be: "Give praise to Bethesda."

For more than three decades, this publisher has been exploiting the theme of "Ancient Scrolls" and there are few fans of classical fantasy settings that at least once did not feel this world with their own hands.

New chapters and full-fledged sagas-branches on this huge lora are issued on the mountain year after year with an enviable periodicity, for which it is worth to say to the hardworking genius of designers, many thanks.

Yes, and listing her services, you can not fail to mention such titans as Fallout, Doom, as well as countless other projects that have come to light thanks to Bethesda.

General information about the game:

  • Genre - RPG / Action
  • Setting fiction
  • Developer - Bethesda Game Studios
  • Publisher / Localizer - Bethesda Softworks
  • Release Date - 2019

As for Starfield, the patent for this name, its parent company, ZeniMax Media, filed in 2013, planning to exploit this project on consoles and PCs.Three years later, rumors were confirmed that the mobile version of the game was also staked out. So what is next…

And then, as they say, the world is full of rumors. And with respect to this novelty, they expectedly crawled somehow immediately, very massively and turned out to be more than contradictory. Someone says that this is pure TES, a return to the legendary Morrowind setting.

starfield 2019 game

Others argue that it will be a separate massive franchise, designed to chronologically combine the Elder Scrolls and Fallout, linking them into one universe and becoming a kind of bridge of friendship between them (the latter, by the way, Pete Hines has already managed to angrily refute recently, calling it "frank nonsense" ).

Another powerful pool of duck-makers in absentia and unconditionally related Starfield with Fallout, predicting that the events will unfold in the very, very distant future, becoming a logical continuation ... In short, the game is not even in a state of active development, and everyone has already had time to quarrel.

Well, that from this and many other things will turn out to be rumors, and that - pure truth, of course, if we live and see. After all, the average gamers do not have the patience: they were not waiting for such long-term construction.But to make at least some preliminary opinion on the leaks from insiders and scraps of official releases is clearly worth it. What we do.

Story line

starfield 2019 release date

The story of the protagonist is still covered with darkness, like, a piece of an unexplored map. It is hardly worth waiting for designers to give up their favorite beginnings in the form of transporting him as a prisoner anywhere ...

Although, maybe just here they will decide to please the heart of the gamer, torn by the novelty of an unusual turn of the plot.

But even if this expected game becomes another Skyrim only in the setting of fiction, not fantasy, subjectively, nothing terrible will happen, because we will talk about a very thoughtful multi-dimensional and variation plot, with large-scale main missions and developed side-rulers, as well as a mass related surprises.

Game world

starfield gameplay

The world of Starfield, judging by the previously published announcement of the recently broken E3-2017 presentation, is a classic space setting. It is expected that the card will have procedurally generated functionality, in the style of the author, that is, everything that will happen here, all the player's actions will have a direct impact on its formation.

The idea, of course, is interesting, but one would notice that today it is not exploited only by the lazy, if not for one “but”: in the releases, the phrase about “randomly created worlds” flashed. What this means, now we can only guess, but there is a clear hint at the wide scale, uniqueness and epochality of the idea.

Otherwise, everything is typical: interplanetary travel, exploration and various other actions with respect to the planets and their creatures.

Gameplay Starfield 2019

starfield system requirements

So far the developer has mentioned only the single player mode. It is difficult to say whether cooperation will be introduced in some form. There are also rumors of racial division. It will be possible to play, according to information from different sources, for five or more races.

Most likely, some kind of factional and reputational component will be sharpened under this chip (this is Bethesda! Like without it ...), at least, that several equivalent capitals will be introduced at once, it has already been said.

Game graphics

During the interview, the refutation of the association of the main Universes of the company sounded a very interesting phrase that players around the world were simply misled by the phrase that “Starfield will become SkyRim of space”.

starfield 2019 plot

Obviously, this is a hint that the schedule of the new project will most likely be built on the same engine (of course, adapted to the specifics and updated), as mentioned part of TES. It’s impossible to say that everyone was delighted with this news, it’s very painful that the graphics do not fit with the space setting ...

Although, the fact that she will not be similar to her sister Fallaut is already encouraging, since there are hopes to see something very unusual.

System Requirements and Platforms

Based on the details of filing applications for TM, we can expect full coverage of both console platforms and PCs, and even, it’s possible that the release of mobile versions. By the system requirements of messages, however, waiting is, of course, closer to the release.

starfield screenshots

Talking about a clear start date for the sale of a new game, is still difficult. All will show the summer E3 of this year. And, by the way, there is no hope to force the development: Bethesda plans to actively harness the next part of Doom, the development of the TES universe, and hastily moving all existing and planned projects onto the virtual reality rails.

It can also be prevented by the heated excitement around the page on the Game of Thrones page edited on its website ... Of coursethe company has enough resources for all its plans, but, nevertheless, the amount of time per day is static, and the number of specialists in the world who satisfy ZeniMax requests is also limited.

So, it’s not worthwhile to circle the dates in the calendar in advance so you don’t feel bitter disappointment.

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