The film The Legend of Conan (2019)

Before the appearance of the trilogy "Lord of the Rings" by Peter Jackson, the main fantasy series of Hollywood was "Conan the Barbarian".

The first film glorified the former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the sequel did not set, as did the attempt to restart the franchise with Jason Momoa.

A few years ago, after the return of “old Arnie” to the cinema, Chris Morgan Productions and Universal decided to revive the cycle. Rather, continue - to Conan in the new film version of the books of Robert I. Howard is the same age as Schwarzenegger is now.

Estimated Release Date

News about the interest of producers and investors to the picture of The Legend of Conan (in the Russian box office it will be called "King Conan" or "Legend of Conan") appeared in the autumn of 2012.

Since then, writers have changed, with them - the details of the story, until finally the tape was officially launched into production in February 2017. It is assumed that on the big screens the fantasy action movie will be in 2018 or, more likely, in 2019.

The plot of the picture

The creators of Legends of Conan disowned the events of the sequel, Conan the Destroyer (1984), and the modern remake, Conan the Barbarian (2011).References will be made only to the first film.

In the story, the protagonist is well over 60, and he quietly rules in Aquilonia, one of the powers of the fictional Hyborian Era. However, something happens that makes Conan uncover a blade by old memory.

Schwarzenegger without hesitation agreed to return to the familiar image. After reviewing the script, he told reporters - they say the film crew will show "Conan right"! Producers Chris Morgan and Fredrik Malmberg hold the same point of view - in their opinion, the new story is excellent.

The legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger

King Conan 2019

The decision to put on animal skin again is not the only comeback of Schwarzenegger in recent years. Hollywood is actively developing franchises related to Iron Arnie.

It's time to move away a bit from the topic and recall the milestones of Schwarzenegger's biography. He was born in Austria, lived briefly in Munich, and moved to the USA at the end of the 60s. Initially, he built a career as a bodybuilder, but in the 80s he plunged into the movie business.

The Terminator, Predator, Recall All, Red Heat and Commandos became early successful works of the athletic Austrian. In the 90s.he starred in "Terminator 2", "True Lies" and "The Last Movie Hero", without losing popularity.

Schwarzenegger resigned from the set in 2003, at the height of his career, for the position of Governor of California (he eventually led the staff for two periods).

Conan Arnold Schwarzenegger

He supported Republicans in restricting illegal immigration and in relation to same-sex marriages, but he was close to Democrats on restricting the rights to free trade in arms and banning abortions.

Among the ambiguous political decisions - the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes. During the governorship, Schwarzenegger often clashed with President George W. Bush over the introduction of American troops into Iraq.

Who will write the script for the film in 2019

Initially, the script for Legends of Conan was intended to be composed by Chris Morgan, known from the Fast and the Furious franchise and the action movie Wanted. In the end, he limited himself to the role of a producer - and it’s good, because the dialogues have never been the strength of the Fast and the Furious.

legend of conan 2019 trailer

Morgana was replaced by Andrea Berloff, attached to the Twin Towers by Oliver Stone (the director, by the way, was involved in the plot of the very first Conan the Barbarian), to the Voice of the Streets F.Gary Gray about the popular music group N.W.A. (the film was nominated for an Oscar for the script), "Blood Father" with Mel Gibson and "The Legend of Cain." The latter will be the directorial debut of Will Smith.

History Berloff did not suit Universal. So another author joined the project - Will Bill (“Gangster Hunters”, TV series “Castle”). Apparently, his version will go into production.

Previous films about Conan

The 1982 Conan the Barbarian told of a Cimmerian who lost his parents because of a raid on the village of Tulsa Dum's minions, a priest of the bloody cult. Conan grew up as a slave, learned the art of fighting in gladiatorial fights and once got the opportunity to take revenge on Tulsa Duma.

legend of conan release date

In Konan the Destroyer, the hero entered the service of Taramis, the ruler of Shadizar. Together with her daughter Jenna, he went on a journey to get two artifacts - the Horn of Dagoth and the magic crystal. In return, Conan was promised to resurrect his former beloved, Valeria, - alas, the promise was false.

"Conan the Barbarian" with Jason Momoa in a new way told the story from the first picture. This time his blood enemies are the tyrant Halar Zim and the witch Marika.They managed to collect an ancient mask that can make its owner the master of the whole world. As you might guess, Conan puts an end to their plans.

Below are the entertaining numbers: the budget and world fees of the films listed:

  • "Conan the Barbarian": $ 20 and 68 million,
  • Conan the Destroyer: $ 18 and 31 million,
  • Conan the Barbarian (2011): $ 90 and 49 million

Pictures of Conan were put by different directors - John Milius, Richard Fleischer and Marcus Nispel. The director for The Legend of Conan has not yet been found.


film legend of conan

Producers do not want to limit themselves to the "Legend of Conan" - in their plans there are at least two more films about the brave Cimmerian.

Schwarzenegger, despite his age, daily trains in the gym to come to the shooting in the proper form. However, he and the "Conan" do not have a lot of work - "The Expendables", "The Terminator", "The Secret of the Seal of the Dragon" ... And look, there's no time for the adventures of highbury.

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