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Trendy colors of women's bags spring-summer 2017 photo news

Summer is the time of year that does not prohibit the selection of a bright, eye-catching bag. These are orange, yellow, berry, violet, bright blue, green and other juicy, tasty shades. As always in the summer, the neon colors of the bags will be in fashion. Even the Chanel brand has released handbags of similar colors. A lot of attention was paid to designers and prints. The combination of different colors of materials is also in fashion this summer. Most often fashionable bags summer 2017 are color blocks of two shades, for example, white (beige) and color. And the last squeak of fashion is white bags.

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The leaders in the new year will be bags of delicate and pastel colors, non-replaceable classics in black and white, as well as in beige and gray colors. The original models are leather bags for 2017 under crocodile skin or python skin. Many modern brands also bet on the model of bags with monochrome leather prints.At the same time, bags of bright acid tones remain still popular: lime, electric blue, scarlet, orange. That, however, such models will require special careful selection for your style of clothing, because they will not look appropriate with all outfits. For example, for business meetings and trips to work such bags are better to be postponed and give preference to more restrained tones.


Stylish denim bags spring-summer 2017 photo fashion styles

Do you remember the times of hip girls and guys who live in peace and harmony with nature and wear only natural fabric? Or cowboys from the Wild West? So, the jeans are slowly but surely returning to their own place, especially in the area concerning fashionable bags of 2017. No, no, no, of course, in the field of jeans weave, is also quite popular, and undoubtedly, its use is considered a trend. Denim, always in demand and is available to absolutely any class on the hierarchy. But fashionable women's handbags 2017 of jeans - is another matter.

Modnye_sumki_2017_1 (9)Perhaps, quite recently, the average number ratio was almost zero, but now, with each season, denim bags are back in fashion.It should also be noted that the color of the denim fashionable women's bag of 2017 can be varied. It can be classic blue with a great variety of its tones. And black (already known to you earlier), and brown, and violet. And absolutely unimaginable bright shades, which, by the way, dare to wear, as clothing, not every woman, not to mention the bags. It also can be not of jeans at all, but only a fabric made in texture under jeans. Again, the colors are pleasing to the eye, and there is even nothing to the touch!

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Fashionable styles of women's handbags spring-summer 2017 photo news

The new spring-summer season of 2017 brings us a lot of fashionable bags of various models and colors. Without such an accessory as a women's bag, we simply can not exist. This is our all! And not only because in the bag you can put a lot of necessary details. She is the final touch of the female image or even its bright accent. It all depends on fashion trends. Therefore, let's see what fashion bags for spring summer 2017 we have prepared for it by lawmakers - the famous couturiers.

© CHANELDesigners decided that the spring-summer 2017 season should pass under the slogan of romance, femininity and bright colors.As you already understood, it was with these criteria in mind that they created collections of fashionable bags. If you prefer the classic style, it is better to pay attention to the bags, sewn from genuine leather of crocodile or python. An excellent complement to the business style will be a bag made of suede. Speaking about the form of these models, it should be noted that they are basically geometrically regular form. Regarding the colors, the designers choose pastel colors.


Stylish women's backpacks spring-summer 2017 photo trends styles

Among the fashionable bags occupy a special place backpacks. Over the past year they have become very popular. Fashionable women's spring-summer 2017 backpacks, in addition to convenience, acquire a stylish and unique design. It has long been broken stereotype about the belonging of backpacks to school uniforms. Designers have successfully worked with this accessory and gave it almost a second life. Women are very difficult to do without a bag, but men do not lag behind them. Therefore, designers offer fashionable backpacks 2017. They are so diverse that you can easily match a backpack to any type of clothing. Small in size are well suited for walking around the city.

© CHANELThe girls loved such models because they completely freed their hands.If you choose a backpack in a sporty style, then you can ride with it on rollers or a bicycle, having everything you need at your fingertips. After all, very often a handbag in such a situation is in the way. Loved the models made of nylon, textiles and raincoat fabrics. They are practical in everyday life and will not hit the family budget.

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Fashionable beach bags summer 2017 photo news

Bags for the beach are usually used to emphasize their stylish image. And of course, for carrying all the essentials that can come in handy on the seashore.

Modnye_sumki_2017_1 (46)The beach accessory is quite capacious, so you can not worry about the fact that you will have to carry a towel or a bedding in your hands, but individual pockets for small items will reliably save your mobile phone and wallet with cash. Today, large beach bags are in demand and are sold at affordable prices, so everyone can buy such a wardrobe item.

Modnye_sumki_2017_1 (45)If the bag will be constantly used for trips to the sea, lake or river, then an ideal option would be to buy a transparent beach bag, since such accessories are mainly made of waterproof silicone.Some bags manufacturers are made according to the marine theme, for example, with seashells or inscriptions of resort towns. Stylish ladies basically pick up this accessory under a swimsuit that will blend in with the bag according to the color scheme or under the trendy shales that fit the model with shells.

Modnye_sumki_2017_1 (50)Basically, the material from which the manufacturer sews beach bags is polyester, because this fabric is perfectly cleaned of dirt and dust and leaves no traces, and therefore will serve the owner more than one beach season. The relevance to straw and knitted beach bags does not drop. Such models are to the liking of lovers of natural materials and real manual labor. The neutrality of the materials from which the models are made, make them versatile accessories.

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Designers recommend in the new season to abandon too large bags, giving their preference to medium-sized accessories. With such a bag will always be convenient to go to work or go on short trips. Despite its compact size, the bag-bag can be very comfortable and roomy.

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