With what to wear a mink coat 2018 photos fashionable stylish images

With what to wear a mink coat without a hood photo 2018 bows

Modern designers offer a wide selection of mink coats without a hood in the photo. To replace this practical item of clothing with equally beautiful and comfortable components, the masters come up with a lot of interesting shapes of collars. Often used such options: stand-up collar, English collar, in the form of a boat, apache, turn-down option.

norkovaja_shubka_ (7)The most common type is the collar-stand. This is an example of unfading classics. It will reliably protect from strong wind, frost and other unpleasant manifestations of bad weather. The stand-up collar remarkably emphasizes the elegance and femininity of the fashionable woman. The rack is suitable for the following models: short fur coats, strict floor-length products, mink cross pieces of any style and length.

norkovaja_shubka_ (22)English collar is a testament to the refined taste of the owner of a fur garment.This finishing option leaves the neck open, which makes it possible to additionally use the original scarf or scarf in the ensemble. English collar perfectly complements mink fur coats of any length. Very effectively emphasizes the peculiarity and originality of the short mink coat - apache collar. Translated from the French "apache" means a bully. It is such a hooliganism that gives an apache collar to a stylish coat.

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With what to wear a mink coat with a hood photo 2018 images

Perhaps this is the most common option. Mink - a very popular fur, and the hooded style is a great success. The silhouette of the product can be different, but most often there are straight, flared (trapezium) and fitted. The first and last ones are often worn in combination with a belt, and usually this is a wide elastic band or a wide leather belt.

norkovaja_shubka_ (27)But if we talk about the style with a hood, it is better to start to discuss what we will wear at the top of the ensemble. Many people know that you can buy a hat made of fur and this is not necessarily a hat. This may be a fur mink hood, and a mink scarf, but if you have a mink coat with a hood, then it is better to refuse fur articles on your head,if you are planning to wear and hood. If not, then you can stop on a fur headdress.

norkovaja_shubka_ (20)One of the best options is a knitted hat that covers the forehead and the non-volumetric style. The bottom line is to see the hat from the hood, and it does not deform the hood itself and did not stand out under the fur. Therefore, stop at the fitting model. Very nice looking hats of large and convex knitting, the decorations from knitted flowers or brooch, pinned on a prominent place will be actual. Beautifully look models in a romantic style.
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With what to wear a mink coat to the knee photo 2018 photo

The classic “genre” is a mink knee-length fur coat with an English collar (pictured) or stand-up collar and belt, straight or flared. This style is well combined with clothing of classical and business style: a dress-case, a pencil skirt, a trouser suit. What can I wear with a mink coat of a classic cut? With high boots on a heel (at least low and steady, a heel is obligatory) from skin or suede of suitable color and gloves to match.

norkovaja_shubka_ (32)Headgear choose the one that suits your face type - it can be a silk handkerchief or a knitted hat in a tone.It is not necessary to combine a classic fur coat from a mink with a fur hat - it looks old-fashioned. For those who do not like hats in principle, a fur coat with a hood will be an excellent solution. Wear a straight or fitted hooded model with a knitted sweater dress, knee-high boots on a heel, wedge or platform. Flared coat with a hood goes well with boots-flat boots.

norkovaja_shubka_ (26)Actual models of cross-layered fur (pictured below) - combine straight, fitted or shaped cocoon with leather treggins and ankle boots with high heels or high boots. If the fur coat has a 3/4 length sleeve, take care of gloves - long leather gloves will make the image complete and warm in the cold. As a headdress, you can choose a shawl or a felt hat.

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With what to wear a mink fur coat photo 2018 stylish examples

In addition to mink coats, mink coats have become widely popular today, let's talk about what can be combined with this type of clothing, which models are most in demand. So, at the peak of popularity today, fur coats with English collars, styles in the style of "robe", models,for the decoration of the collars of which the fur of the fox, sable, etc. is used. If we talk about the color of the fur coats, then we can say that it can be very different. However, most women prefer models made in brown tones.

norkovaja_shubka_ (6)Models in such colors are preferred by women of all ages. The second most popular color after brown is black. Short coats in this color are chosen mostly by older women. The popularity of mink fur coats in dark colors is explained quite simply. To begin with, this is very practical. On dark models, impurities are almost imperceptible, therefore, in a dry-cleaning, dark-colored fur coats will have to be noticeably less frequent. Most women choose slim models, since they can be successfully combined with clothes in any style.

norkovaja_shubka_ (12)They will be stylishly combined with classic trousers, skirt, dress, etc. For women who lead a fairly active lifestyle, models of short-cut fur coats with elastic bands can be very useful. Such models provide maximum comfort in almost any conditions: both at the wheel and when walking. With coats are perfectly combined boots without a heel.It is best to give preference to shoes on a light, easily bendable sole. In such shoes you will be comfortable to drive a car, as well as take long walks around the city.

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Fashionable styles of mink coats 2018 photos of new trends

The general trend of fur fashion 2018 is luxury, chic and beauty. Today in vogue bright and unusual models of fur coats from mink, which are able to conquer any, even prejudiced fashionista. Practicality, unsurpassed style and beauty embodied jackets made of mink. The jacket with a hood is very comfortable to wear. If necessary, the hood can easily replace the headdress (for example, fashionable knitted women's hat). This option is great for active lady. It is convenient to move around the city. The warm and beautiful fur will not allow to freeze even in a frost.

norkovaja_shubka_ (35)Short fur coats from mink model 2018 is a combination of brightness, originality and chic. In a fashion of various prints and interesting textures. Models of mink coats 2018 are a whole range of innovative solutions. There is a classic, and even avant-garde. One thing remains unchanged - style and nobility. The status of models emphasize the classic silhouettes.Particularly interesting are slightly flared models. For fashionable fur coats, volumetric hoods with a lapel. They can be beautifully laid out on the shoulders creating an interesting image.

norkovaja_shubka_ (39)Long models of mink coats have always been and remain mega popular. Fur coats with a detachable collar of lynx, sable or arctic fox look original. Such products are a real cocktail of luxury and wealth. Such models of mink fur coats always look interesting and are the result of experiments of designers who skillfully combine different types of fur.

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What kind of hat to wear a mink coat in 2018 photo

Choosing a headdress - no less a responsible occupation. An excellent addition to this outerwear will be a mink hat, however, it should be borne in mind that not all women go to mink hats, say, young girls from a mink hat should be abandoned, since a young girl in a mink coat and hat will look more mature. Owners of models of fur coats with a hood can not even think about a hat. With the right combination with a mink, a knitted beret or a usual knitted hat will look good enough.

norkovaja_shubka_ (17)Remember that a knitted hat should not be too simple, otherwise it will simply be lost against the background of a luxurious mink model. Older women should refrain from catchy and bright colors of caps, it is best to stop the choice on models that are combined with the color of the fur coat itself. Young girls can afford bold experiments with the color of the headdress. All women, without exception, should abandon the combination of a mink coat with coarse colors of hats, stoles, etc., since such things look somewhat cheap against the background of the type of outerwear in question.

norkovaja_shuba_ (2)The mink models below the knee in combination with scarves in the form of a headdress look quite stylish. However, this combination is suitable for women of age, rather than for young girls. Business women can complement this image with sunglasses. If we talk about fur fluffy hats, then we can say that you should not combine a fur coat and white models of hats made of arctic fox or fox.

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With what to wear a mink coat jacket 2018 photos

The “bat” style itself is a very wide sleeves that are integrally sewn to a fur coat, so the sleeves resemble wings.The peculiarity of the bat fur coat is that it has no decorations in the form of large collars, buttons, patterns. The collar is often made resistant, and the length is almost always mid-thigh.

Norkovye_shuby_ (3)A bat-style fur coat with long leather gloves is probably one of the most excellent options for evening bow. To such an ensemble you can wear luxury evening dresses and elegant trouser suits. Shoes to a fur coat bat fit almost all. The main criterion for selection is the overall style of clothing. High or not very high heel boots are suitable for an evening out, and platform shoes or low speed shoes for everyday bow.

Norkovye_shuby_ (1)Skirts, as well as pants, it is better to choose a straight cut. A fur coat with a skirt, a pencil by the length of a knee and ankle boots with heels will look very stylish. For owners of slender legs you can combine a bat coat with a short skirt and high boots with heels. In accessories, a fur coat does not need a bat because of its style. To a fur coat it is possible to put on a pair of gloves and take a small handbag. It is desirable to choose a hat from the fur, as a fur coat.

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